Expressive Healing Arts 

Expressive Healing Arts is about using any form of art as a way to explore & express your inner being. It's about the creative process itself and the journey it takes you on, rather than the final outcome of your creation. 

Expressive Healing Arts is a wonderful way to process feelings, experiences, beliefs and dreams in non-verbal, fun and soul-engaging ways. And while there are many forms of art available to play with, here are some of the Expressive Healing Arts brought alive through Wild Soul Wanderings events. 

Ceremonial Arts 

Wild Soul Wanderings invites creative interaction with the wild world of rock, water, clouds, trees, animal, etc. Being in center-present relationship and conversation with the ecosystem of the moment is a wonderful way to create art with the Now. 


Wild Soul Wanderings engages many forms of Ceremonial Arts:

  • Medicine Wheel Invocations 

  • Altar building with Found Objects

  • Nature Dialouge 

  • Journaling 

  • Photography

  • Painting / Drawing   

  • Ecstatic Dance 

Collage Art 

Using cut out images from magazines, books and photos is a great way to create collage art that expresses various aspects of your life adventure & inner world. 

With collage art, you don't have to be good at drawing to bring about detailed creations that richly communicate the essence of your being.  All you need is one magazine and a glue stick to get started! 


One of the main forms of collage I use is SoulCollage. It's a great way to create the visual autobiography of ones life. SoulCollage offers a fun & powerful way to create collaged cards, journal about them in relational ways, and work with them over time as a tool for self-reflection and expression.  

Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art can be made from pretty much anything; art supplies bought from a store, recycled materials, or items found in nature.


Creating art with mixed media adds dimension, texture & color to your creative expression experience, and offers a fun way to engage & develop intuition, creativity, trust and courage. It's also a great way to recycle materials and give them a new lief & voice in the world. 


What art wants to emerge through you? 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.