The Hero's Journey 

Another core adventure map that inspires Wild Soul Wanderings is the classic adventure model of the Hero’s Journey.  Seen and expressed in all aspects of human storytelling, the Hero’s Journey maps a life adventure through various portals, to slay dragons and find elixirs, so one can evolve along the way and bring something of value back to community. I love exploring the map of the Hero’s Journey's through the lens of Tarot, SoulCollage, Fairy Tale Ceremony and Nature Quests. 

Tarot Archetypes 

Tarot - highlights the hero’s journey 

starting out with the fool, the one that heads out into the journey, innocent and unblemished 

not knowing what will happen on the way - but they leap anyway 

the fool has a bag with him, in it are the tools he needs for the journey, items represent 4 elements 

He did not know how to use these tools yet, but he lept anyway

as the magician - we open the bag and learn how to work with our tools, master them



Fairy Tale Adventures 

The next power map I discovered was the Medicine Wheel. I had explored The Wheel through various teachings, however, once I read Bill Plotkin’s book Nature and the Human Soul, I knew I had found the terrain I wanted to travel for the next phase of my life. Bill’s map of the Medicine Wheel has a strong focus on Developmental Psychology, and offers powerful alchemy experiences for transmuting wounds into fuel for living ones delivery system of soul into the world. As I deepened my studies with Bill and various teachers from Animus Institute, I expanded my personal studies & experiences with eco-therapy and nature ceremonies in the wild. These aspects of soul tending are deeply ingrained in my Wild Soul Wanderings.

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The Adventure Begins
Mapping Adventure.jpg
Mapping the Adventure of a Lifetime
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A Passage Through Time
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