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The Fool 

This page highlights the energy, medicine & magic of The Fool card in Tarot.  This is the beginning of the Hero's Journey, and the main character of my book: The Hero's Journey Through the Chakra Medicine Wheel. 

  • Here is a link to a blog I wrote about the fooll 

Hero's Journey Art Journal 

Page 1: The Journey Begins

Here is a peak into the first page of my Hero's Journey Art Journal and some of the techniques I am playing with to add layer and dimension to this art journal page. I started this page, and journal, not quite knowing what journey I was setting off onto. 

Page 2: Spirals

Here’s a peak into page 2 of my Hero’s Journey Art Journal, which has the theme of SPIRALS. Sometimes I get frustrated I am not further along in life, but then I realize life is a spiral, taking me back through common themes in life. This page helps me see the map of life in a way that allows me to be kinder to myself and better honor how I journey through my journey.

Page 3 : I'm Writing a Book 

This was a powerful page to create. After so many years focused on releasing the old, and dying into so many endings, this page brought about a foolish beginning for me, which is quite exciting to share, with myself and others. I'm writing a book, in a very unique & fun way! 

Page 4: Leap Of Faith 

This page honors the Leap of Faith the Fool encourages us to take in life.This page includes one of my poems as well.

Page 5&6 Overview of the Fool  

This page honors the Leap of Faith that the Fool encourages us to take in life.

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