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Hero's Journey 

Expressive Healing Arts

SoulCollage is a fun, unique & deeply therapeutic form of Expressive Healing Arts that introduces you to deep parts of your being, bringing them alive in the world though the art of collage and journaling.


No art experience needed to dive into the depths of this powerful and magical art therapy process.  

Using cut out images from magazines, and even your own photos, SoulCollage takes you on an amazing adventure through varied terrain of You.

Each card you create, names, honors & expresses a part of you, such as:

soul collage.png


Creating cards around these various aspects of your being supports you in honoring all the pieces of you, bringing yourself into a wider embrace of wholeness. The more you are able to embrace your wholeness, the more you are able to embrace these aspects in others.

SoulCollage can be used for:



for Writers

Personal Exploration & Expression

Emotional Processing



Creation of Visual


Fun Art

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.