Elemental Apprenticeship 

On your Hero’s Journey, it’s important to have mentors, teachers & allies to guide and support you along the way.  Some of the richest mentors and wisdom teachers can be found in nature & within your own being.

The Elements are the building blocks of all nature, including you, and apprenticing to their teachings is a fundamental aspect of resourcing your life so you can live in harmony with the wild world, both without and within. 


Raven offers master class programs apprenticing to the Elements of Soul, so you can be deeply resourced and inspired in your life. These programs are deep experiential immersions into the teachings of each element. Programs are offered on-line through Zoom, and adjuncted with various nature-based practices & art therapies.  

Earth Apprenticeship Program  : Autumn 2022 

​This 3-month Master Class program is an immersion into wisdom teachings of the Earth Element. On this mini hero's journey adventure, you will gain access to various tools of self-tending to support you with cultivating deep embodied & enlivened living. 

This program generates opportunities for health, connection, and abundance in your life so you can:    

  • Develop healthier habits 

  • Get your needs met in productive ways 

  • Embody boundaries that support vitality 

  • Heal Defense Mechanisms 

  • Enliven your Inner Child 

  • Invite Abundance into your Life 

  • Deepen your sense of belonging in the Web of Life ​

  • Develop an Art Journaling practice 

  • Connect with others & have fun 

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Master Class Details

7 Group Meetings  |  2 Community Art Gatherings  | 1 Training Video  |  Handouts  |  Dedicated Support  | 
Private Facebook Community  | 
Recorded Sessions
  • 7 on-line group meetings that take place every other Sunday over the course of 3 months. This gives you time to really explore the material & integrate grounded transformation into your life. 

  • 2 bonus Community Art Gatherings to support your creative journey with your Art Journaling practice. 

  • Introduction to SoulCollage video. This one-hour recording offers you ideas & inspiration to support your art collaging process of self-discovery & expression. 

  • Lesson Handouts 

  • Dedicated support from Raven Shree throughout the program

  • Private facebook community page to support & inspire you throughout your journey

  • Access to recorded sessions

Schedule of Events

Group sessions take place every other Sunday

from Sept. 11 - Dec 4, 2022.

11am - 1:30pm MST (Colorado) (2.5 hrs) 

Sessions take place via zoom.

Sessions will be recorded & available for replay. 


Session 1: Rooting Down

Sunday, Sept 11, 2022

  • Group Orientation

  • Earth Initiation   

  • Root Chakra Activation   

  • Vitalization of Needs 

  • Feng Shui with Earth

Session 2: Tree of Life

SundaySept 25, 2022 

  • Grounded Embodiment 

  • Tree of Life Explorations 

  • Ancestors & Descendants 

  • Creating your Family Tree 

  • Art Journaling


Session 3: Adult Wholeness 

Sunday, Oct 9, 2022

  • Map of Medicine Wheel 

  • Wholeness of North 

  • Nurturing, Generative Adult 

  • Exploring Boundaries 

  • Art Journaling 

Session 4: Loyal Soldiers

Sunday, Oct 23, 2022

  • Earth Imbalances

  • Pain. Power. Purpose. 

  • Need for Belonging  

  • Scouting for Loyal Soldiers 

  • Art Journaling

mothering soul.jpeg

Session 5: Naming Soldiers

Sunday, Nov 6, 2022

  • Naming Loyal Soldiers 

  • Honoring Defense Strategies 

  • Inner Child Healing 

  • Guided Journey

  • Art Journaling

Session 6: Honoring Soldiers

Sunday, Nov 20, 2022

  • Claiming Resources

  • Honoring Soldiers 

  • Gratitude Ceremony 

  • Guided Journey 

  • Art Journaling  

egg tree.jpeg

Session 7: Final Ceremony

Sunday, Dec 4, 2022

  • Medicine Wheel Walk About 

  • Tree of Life Resourcing 

  • Hero's Journey Mentoring   

  • Community Celebration 

Bonus Sessions

Community Art Gatherings

  • Sat, Oct 1, 2022: 10:30 -1:30 MST 

  • Sat, Oct 29, 2022: 10:30 -1:30 MST 

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Note: Payment plans are available;

Contact Raven for more information. 

*Must be paid in full by Aug 26th.


OR check out these savings opportunities

if you enroll before August 26, 2022. 

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