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Dethroning the Queen

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

During Year 4 of my 8 year Underworld Journey

I was introduced to the Queen of Hearts.

I'd never worked with the archetype of Queen before.

It seemed way out of my reach,

and quite a bit egoic for me to claim

this type of energy in my life.

As I deepened my connection

with the Queen of Hearts she taught me

about the service aspect of being a Queen.

This sparked a deep resonance in me.

It was then that I initiated myself

into deep apprenticeship

with the archetype of Queen,

which became a guiding force

for my navigation through life.

I’ve worked with the Queen archetype

for the past 8 years now.

She gave me something to aspire to

as I was ascending from the depths

of my Underworld Journey.

She also gave me a model to stand in

during the initial years

of my MiddleWorld Apprenticeship,

of which I am in year 4

of an 8 year program.

Having the ambiance, guidance and companionship of Queen

as a core member of my Inner Council

has helped me in so many ways.

It helped me see what my higher ideals are

for people in leadership positions,

and it gave me a character model to aspire to.

One of the things I learned during the 2020 Pandemic

is that I am less than I thought I was.

I came to see that it is much easier

for a Queen to rule during times of peace

then it is during times of war,

which is what these past several years

have been in so many ways.

Recognizing that I do not have

the caliber or content of character

to claim the station of Queen in my life

introduced me to deep layer of sadness

and started me on a journey

through a big layer of ego death.

Going through various layers of grief

and feelings of failure around this

while also in solo quarantine for a year

intensified this ego death process for me even more.

Like the rule of Presidency in the USA,

someone can only serve

in that position of power for 8 years.

And so, as my tenure with the Queen

hits its 8 year mark,

I see it is time for her to retire

from my Inner Council.

I recently spent weeks in ceremony

honoring Queen for her guidance

in my life these past 8 years.

I washed her feet to prepare her

for her journey on to her next destination.

I sent her off with fanfare and song,

and quite a few tears as well.

In her absence,

I know a new guiding force

will come in to lead and inspire me

into the next phase of my life

as I start year 50 of my life adventure.

I'm grateful for the time I had with Queen

and wish her well as she lives

in the mind and hearts

of the many on this planet

that can serve her image well

and live the high standards she requires.

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