Raven's Story

I Love Maps ... Travel... and Adventure

Over the years, I’ve combined a number of soul-infused maps to create one, amazingly integrated, multi-dimensional map of the varied terrain of life we travel through. The synthesis of these maps greatly informs my personal life, and is the foundation upon which I craft my Wild Soul Wanderings, both in the wild world outside...and the wild world within. 

Travel Polaroids

Map of the Chakras

One of the first maps I used to navigate my life journey was the Map of the Chakras. I discovered the Chakra System in my mid-20’s and it set me off on a profound adventure of healing childhood wounds, and connecting with my energetic core of aliveness.

I studied with Anodea Judith Ph.D, acclaimed writer and teacher, for 10+ years, living & teaching her model of the chakras, which has a strong focus on Developmental Psychology. I deepened the integration of these principles in my life with Massage Therapy and Yoga Teacher trainings, which helped bring the map of the chakras into my being in a more integrated way.


Map of the Wheel

The next power map I discovered was the Medicine Wheel. I had explored The Wheel through various teachings, however, once I read Bill Plotkin’s book Nature and the Human Soul, I knew I had found the terrain I wanted to travel for the next phase of my life. Bill’s map of the Medicine Wheel has a strong focus on Developmental Psychology, and offers powerful alchemy experiences for transmuting wounds into fuel for living ones delivery system of soul into the world. As I deepened my studies with Bill and various teachers from Animus Institute, I expanded my personal studies & experiences with eco-therapy and nature ceremonies in the wild. These aspects of soul tending are deeply ingrained in my Wild Soul Wanderings.

Hero's Journey

Another core adventure map that inspires Wild Soul Wanderings is the classic adventure model of the Hero’s Journey.  Seen and expressed in all aspects of human storytelling, the Hero’s Journey maps a life adventure through various portals, to slay dragons and find elixirs, so one can evolve along the way and bring something of value back to community. I love exploring the map of the Hero’s Journey's through the lens of Tarot, SoulCollage, Fairy Tale Ceremony and Nature Quests. 

On the Road

Another way I like to use maps is when I am on the road truck camping or with my travel trailer. I love being in nature and bringing my Medicine Wheel teachings into the wild where I can implement them in a deeper way. Nature is my biggest teacher & inspiration.


My Wild Soul Wanderings adventures on the road and in the wild informs so many of my artistic endeavors, such as photography, poetry, mixed media art creation and collage art.  

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