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Element of Fire 

Fire is the true element of Alchemy; it transforms Matter into Light, Heat & Energy. Fire governs metabolism, the inner process that enables you to break down matter, and life experiences, into absorbable nutrients for assimilation & empowerment.

Fire is the element that governs the Solar Chakra which is located in your abdomen. Fire drives the expression of power, purpose & ego in the world. This Chakra ignites your will to live with purpose & live in right action with your core values.

Fire governs the Ego, which provides you a sense of unique purpose & power in the world. A vital Solar Chakra supports the evolution of Ego, so rather then being driven by an adolescent psyche, Ego can be a tool of transmission for your unique delivery system of soul into the world.

Fire Practices 

  • Engage Purpose

  • Commitment to Core Values

  • Live Courageous

  • Engage in Right Action & Right Relationship

  • Participate in Community Service

  • Be Your Wild Indigenous Self

open to power.jpeg

Here are some of my Fire-themed photos & art pieces to inspire you. 

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