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The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a powerful nature-based map that guides us individually & collectively through the seasons of .....a Day, a Year, a Lifetime. Each direction of the wheel provides a landscape of archetypal energies & elemental allies to support, guide & inspire your life journey.

The map of the Medicine Wheel charts the: 

  • Movement of Sun Through a Day  

  • Cycles of Seasons in a Year

  • Developmental Stages of a Lifetime


​​Each direction of the Medicine Wheel is

governed by a unique:


  • Element

  • Seasonal Force

  • Archetypal Influence

  • Psycho-Spiritual Expressions of Being


Medicine Wheel Programs 


Take a journey of heroic proportions through the Medicine Wheel, and transform your pain into power and purpose. 


Travel through each direction of the wheel to access resources, heal wounds, gain wisdom and expand soul in joyous and purposeful ways.

Ceremonies in Nature 

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