Earth Element 

Earth is the element that grounds you into physical form. Earth gives shape and structure to consciousness. It the form of this Now moment. 


Earth is our individual and collective Home. It is the foundation upon which you stand, and is the source that provides you what you need to survive & thrive in physical form. Earth is also the matrix to which your body will return when it dies.

Earth is the element of the Root Chakra, the energy center located at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra influences how you get your needs met, how you engage healthy boundaries, and governs the overall health & vitality of your physical experience.

Earth Practices 

  • Spend Solo Time in Nature

  • Eat Healthy Organic Foods 

  • Get Your Needs Met in Vital Ways

  • Nurture Yourself & Others

  • Engage Healthy Boundaries

  • Live in harmony with the Seasons

  • Be Still

Additional Links 

Here are some of my Root Chakra photos & art to inspire your connection with the element of Earth. 

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