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Element of Earth

Earth is the element that grounds you into physical form. Earth grounds thought into matter and gives shape and structure to consciousness. It has structure, shape & form and manifests the physical aspects of this Now moment.


Earth is Home. It is the foundation upon which you stand. It is the source that provides you everything you need to survive & thrive in physical form. Earth is the great mother matrix that sustains your life & receives your body when it dies. 

Earth is the element that governs the Root Chakrawhich influences how you get your needs met, how you engage healthy boundaries, and the relationship you have with the natural world.  Earth is a powerful teacher & mentor, with rich lessons of life & death to offer you on your Hero's Journey.  

Earth Practices 

  • Eat Healthy Foods 

  • Get Your Needs Met in Vital Ways
  • Nurture Yourself & Others

  • Engage Healthy Boundaries

  • Spend Solo Time in Nature

  • Live in Harmony with the Seasons

  • Be Still

Additional Links 

Earth Master Class Program .png

Here are some of my Earth-themed photos & art creations to inspire you. 

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