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Element of Thought 

Thought is one of the most powerful elements to work with. It is a fundamental vibration that defines & creates your reality. Thought is a product of the mind. It engages consciousness and is almost always creating opinions, beliefs, and defining experience. 

Thought is the element that stimulates the Crown Chakra, which governs the brain, the master organ of the Central Nervous System. More specifically, the Crown Chakra is associated with the cerebral cortex which deals with higher mental powers, the generation of ideas, and intellectual capacity.

Working with the element of Thought calls for you to engage witness consciousness and observe the forces that influence your thinking. Increasing the elemental vibration of thought in your life is about expanding your belief systems, and merging with the oneness with Source.

Thought Practices 

  • Observe the Forces that Influence your Thinking

  • Release Limiting Belief Systems

  • Expand Your Thinking

  • Engage Witness Consciousness

  • Practice Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Engage in Transcendental Oneness


Additional Links 

Here are some of my Thought-themed photos & art to inspire you. 

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