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Elements of Soul 

Elements are the building blocks of all nature, including you. You are not separate from Nature. You are part of it. You are made of it. Apprenticing to the magic & medicine of the Elements is a soulful way to receive wisdom teachings from nature. As you explore aspects of Elements in the world around you, you will notice these qualities within your own being as well.  As you cultivate elemental powers within your being, the more you will be able to live in harmony with yourself, others and the world at large. Come into deeper belonging with the EcoSystem of life you are part of. 

Each Element vibrates at a different frequency and has its own unique expression of Life Force. 

Follow links below to learn more about the Elements of Soul. 



Your relationship with the element of Earth influences your health, vitality, and ability to survive & thrive in the physical realm.



Water is the great shapeshifter and can take on many forms. It ebbs & flows through our emotional being, influencing movement through pleasure & pain.  



Fire drives the expression of power, purpose and ego. It ignites action and authenticity and is a core tool of transformation. 



Air fuels your breath and keeps your body alive. Air influences matters of the heart such as balance, relationship, and expansive love.  



Ether is the vibrational space that transmits creation through space & time. This element governs truth, harmony and creative expression.  



Light is the element that allows us to see, both externally and internally.  It expands imagination, intuition & extra-sensory perception. 

diamond thoughts.jpeg


Thought is one of the most powerful elements because it influences your beliefs and defines your reality. 

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