Elements of Soul

The elements are part of your everyday experience.  They make up & influence the world both outside and within you.  

Apprenticing to the magic & medicine of the Elements is a soulful way to receive wisdom teachings from nature.  As you explore aspects of elements in the world around you, you notice these qualities within your own being.  You are not separate from Nature.  You are part of it. You are made of it. 

Each element vibrates at a different frequency and has its own unique expression of Life Force. 

Click links below to go on a deeper journey with each of the Elements.


Earth grounds consciousness into physical form. Your relationship with the element of Earth influences your health and your ability to survive & thrive in the physical realm.


Water is the great shapeshifter that can be solid like ice, gaseous or flow freely. Water is the element that ebbs & flows through our emotional being and influences themes such as movement, grace and sensuality. 


Fire drives the expression of power, purpose and ego in the world. Fire is the element that ignites your will to live with purpose & live in right action with your core values.


Air is the element that fuels your breath and keeps your body alive. Air influences matters of the heart such as compassion, love and forgiveness. 


Ether is the vibrational space that holds sound and spreads vibrations throughout all of creation. This element governs themes of truth, communication and creativity in your life. 


Light is the element that allows us to see both the external and internal world. Light expands imagination, intuition & our extra-sensory perception. 


Thought is the element that defines your reality. Thought is the element that influences your belief systems and your ability to witness consciousness.