The Hero's Journey

One of the core adventure maps used in Wild Soul Wanderings events is the classic adventure model of the Hero’s Journey.

The map of the Hero's Journey guides you on a soul-infused adventure to cultivate resources that will inspire & nurture you along the Road of Trails, where you face inner & outer shadow and demons. Through various levels of ego death, you are able to discover deeper aspects of your truest soul essence, and bring the light of your unique magic more alive in the world.

Raven Shree guides various workshops and events through the

5 stages of the Hero's Journey, supporting you with transforming pain into power and purpose, so you can experience more joy and vitality in your life. 


I am honored & excited to explore & engage this soulful adventure map with you. 

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Upcoming Hero’s Journey Adventures
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In this FREE 3-hour adventure program, Raven Shree will introduce you to the soul infused map of the Hero’s Journey, and it's 5 stages of transforming pain into power and purpose.

In this Zoom workshop event, you'll have an opportunity to map your own Hero's Journey of evolution, and get better clarity about what stage you might be in, and what tools are available to support you along the way. 

Mark you calendars and set aside time for self care & soul visioning to map your unique Hero's Journey.

Earth Master Class Program .png

Embark on a powerful 3 month Hero's Journey, apprenticing to the Element of Earth and 4 of its powerful wisdom teachings. 

Get back to the basics & vitalize your foundation of health for the new year and the new you emerging through these potent times we are living in.