Map of the Chakras

The Chakra System represents a yogic philosophy of how life force energy is organized. Chakras are energetic portals located along the spine and Central Nervous System that receive and assimilate life force energy, and in doing so greatly influences your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 


An easy way to visualize the Map of the Chakras is to liken your spine as the super highway of energy in your body. Along this highway of spinal energy are 7 energy hubs, different chakra territories, each with its own culture, rhythm, vibration and influence on being.  


Each chakra territory is governed by a specific elemental vibration and thereby influences different aspects of your being. For example: the Root Chakra is governed by the element of Earth, which is heavy and dense and grounds you into matters of the physical world.  The Throat Chakra is governed by the element of Ether, which transmits sound waves through space, and in turn influences aspects of sound, communication and harmony in your life. 


As you move up the Chakra Energy Highway, from Root to Crown, the vibration of the element increases and expands, taking you through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, etc., with each one influencing you in different ways. 

So grab your Chakra Passport...and let's explore the different vibrations of being. 

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