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Medicine Wheel Vision Circle  

I created this video from an on-line event I hosted in Spring at the start of the Covid Pandemic. And while there is language in this reading that speaks to the specifics of those times, there is deep power in this message for all times. 

In this video I highlight the directions of the medicine wheel and the influence they have on our Vision Circle reading.

I also highlights some of my favorite decks to work with to inspire your collection of wisdom allies

And while there is much power in engaging in this reading circle on your won with this video, there is  amgic that happens in the live readings, in community, that adds so much  richness and heart space connection. 

maybe I'll see you at a future live Vision circle event 

click here for upcoming dates 



here are the items to have available as you prepare to watch this video and engage in a ceremonial tarot reading. 

journal / pen 

Tarot deck or SouLCollage cards 

cup of water 

candle to lige 

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