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Earth Apprenticeship

Session 2:

​Arrive to our call 5 minutes early so we can all start together on time & hold the power of our container. 

Sunday, Feb 19, 2023

9:30am - 1pm PST

10:30am - 2pm MST

12:30pm - 4pm EST 
Zoom Link:


Click Links below to access handouts for our call 

Earth Imbalances

Preparation Information

  • Before our session reflect on how you parent yourself (or not).  


  • Start collecting magazine images that represent healthy parenting for you. Bring these images with you to our call so you have them handy for your art journaling. 

  • Bring your art journal and any tools you may want to have handy for journaling. ​​

  • We will be be doing a yoga nidra meditation at the end of the call. You may want a pillow for your head and/or knees and a light blanket to cover yourself for this laying down meditation. 

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