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SoulCollage® is a fun, unique & deeply therapeutic form of Expressive Healing Arts that introduces you to deep parts of your being. Using cut out images from magazines, and even your own photos, SoulCollage takes you on an amazing adventure through the varied terrain of You, bringing them alive in the world though the art of collage and journaling.


Each SoulCollage card you create, names, honors & expresses a part of you, such as:

- Aspects of your Personality 

- Relationships that have shaped your life 

- Animal Totems that inspire you 

- Shadow & Light aspects of your being 

- Visions, Hopes, Dreams for the future

- Aspects of your Chakras

- Lessons from the Medicine Wheel

- Adventures from your Hero's Journey

...and so much more  


Honor All the Pieces of YOU

Creating cards around these various aspects of your being supports you in honoring all the pieces of you, bringing yourself into a wider embrace of wholeness. The more you are able to embrace your wholeness, the more you are able to embrace these aspects in others.

Some of my SoulCollage Creations

SoulCollage is a powerful way to map the stages of your Hero's Journey. And when you enroll in the upcoming Earth Apprenticeship program, you will receive a 1 hour video introducing you to the suites of a SoulCollage deck along with instructions on how to start making your own cards. 

Here are some images of the SoulCollage creation process 

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