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Intro to SoulCollage 


Introduction to SoulCollage 

Learn how to create your own SoulCollage® deck from the comfort of your home!
Handout referenced in video:
SoulCollage Medicine Wheel

In this 1 hr video recording you will:

  • Be introduced to the various suites of a SoulCollage® deck

  • Learn collage techniques specific to SoulCollage®

  • Be guided through a journaling process to find the voice of your SoulCollage® creation. 

Once you’ve watched this video, you'll know how to create a SoulCollage® practice at home, and how to continue building your SoulCollage deck over a lifetime!

This is a recorded event, so you'll need to bring your own supplies to this video playshop. 


Amazon has different SoulCollage kits ranging in price from $8 - $20.  You can purchase one of these kits, and have it available to create with when you watch the video.


You can also create your own SoulCollage size cards using 5X8 card stock paper. 

And if you want to collage directly in your Art Journal, you can do that too!!  The model of SoulCollage can open creativity up for you in so many ways. 

This Introduction to Soulcollage video is 1hr in duration, however, I recommend having 3 hours set aside to watch this video and create your first SoulCollage card along the way.


  • First 1/3 of video is about SoulCollage and the various suites of a deck. There is a lot of information in this section. You may want a journal handy to take notes and jot down ideas as you watch this part. 


  • Next 1/3 of video guides you through process of creating your first SoulCollage card. This is when you will want your collage supplies handy.  


  • Last 1/3 of video guides you through process of dialoging with your card to hear its voice and access its wisdom.

Supplies needed to create your SoulCollage card: 

  1. SoulCollage cards (purchased, created on your own, or your art journal) 

  2. Glue stick / Scissors / Pen or Pencil 

  3. Piece of bond paper (a bit thicker then regular paper)…if you do not have, regular paper will do. 

  4. A couple magazines (or picture books) you can tear images out of and cut up. I recommend having at least 2 magazines to work with in this video session. 

  5. Journal

  6. Optional Items; exacto knife, cutting board, file folder

Start your SoulCollage Journey....Watch Video 

Introduction to SoulCollage

Introduction to SoulCollage

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