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Earth Apprenticeship Program 

Strengthen the nutrients of your well-being by apprenticing to wisdom teachings of the Earth Element in this deeply engaging 12-week on-line program. 


In this immersive & interactive Earth Apprenticeship Program you will Explore, Embody & Engage wisdom teachings of the Earth Element so that you can increase the vitality of how you get your core needs met, and the boundaries you engage that support the fullness of your being. This program guides you through a soul-infused process to resource abundance in your life and engage your belonging in the larger eco-system of life you are part of.

Raven Shree will be your Adventure Guide for this program. She uses a combination of soul-terrain maps to guide the group though this experience. Through Raven's spirited facilitation, the groups heart-centered sharing, and the art journaling exercises you will be engaged in throughout the program, this experience supports you to:   

  • Develop Healthier Habits 

  • Get your Needs met in Productive Ways 

  • Embody Boundaries that Support Vitality 

  • Heal Defense Mechanisms 

  • Cultivate Abundance into your Life 

  • Deepen your Sense of Belonging

  • Develop an Art Journaling Practice 

  • Engage in Soul-Infused Community

  • Connect with Yourself & Others 

  • Have Fun & Explore your Creativity 

Earth Master Class Program .png


6 Group Workshops  | 1 SoulCollage Video  | Handouts  |  Dedicated Support  | 
Private Facebook Community  | 
Recorded Sessions 
  • 6 on-line group meetings that take place every other Sunday over the course of 3 months. This gives you time to ground transformation into your life. 

  • BONUS video: Introduction to SoulCollage. One-hour recording that offers ideas & inspiration to support your art collaging process of self-discovery & expression. 

  • Lesson Handouts 

  • Dedicated support from Raven Shree throughout the program

  • Private facebook community page to support & inspire you throughout your journey

  • Access to recorded sessions

Past Participants Have Said 

“This program really helped me get clarity around my needs. Being able to notice when I get reactive and charged, and in those moments, be aware enough to distill down into what I actually need in that moment and actively particpiate and use my voice to get them met. Gaining clarity around my needs in this way has been really powerful for me.“

“I am learning so much about how tight my boundaries have been and how that makes my body feel so rigid. I am learning so much from my walks in nature and from Earth, which is one of my mentors now. Flippin A…this community is amazing. It holds space for all of us to show up in all of our being-ness.”

“Journaling has always been difficult for me. I totally appreciate the art journaling we are doing in this program. Although words are important to me, they have been kinda dangerous in my life. I appreciate feeling safe putting down my reality in my art journal. It helps me validate my existence in a safe way. Art journaling gives me an opportunity to shape and mold my life in new ways now that I can see in my art journal.”

Schedule of Events

Group sessions take place every other Sunday on-line via Zoom. 

Sessions take place 10:30 - 2pm MST. 

Sessions will be recorded & available for replay. 

Sessions Dates & Topics Listed Below  

Session 1: Feb 5, 2023

  • Group Orientation

  • Earth Initiation   

  • Root Chakra Activation   

  • Vitalization of Needs

  • Kitchen Feng Shui 

Session 3: Mar 5, 2023

  • Boundary Assessment  

  • Embodiment Practices  

  • Nurturing, Generative Adult 

  • Scouting Loyal Soldiers 

Session 5: Apr 2, 2023 

  • Cultivating Belonging

  • Chakra Activations 

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Family Tree Immersion

Session 2: Feb 19, 2023 

  • Grounding & Embodiment 

  • Earth Imbalances 

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Yin & Yang of Needs 

  • Archetypal Support 

Session 4: Mar 19, 2023 

  • Memory Lane Adventure 

  • Honoring Loyal Soldiers 

  • Resourcing Abundance

  • Love Letters to Self 

Session 6: Apr 16, 2023 

  • Hero's Journey Mapping 

  • Tree of Life Journey

  • Oracle Readings

  • Conclusion Ceremony

Enrollment Closes Feb 3, 2023

OR check out these savings opportunities. 

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with Raven to determine if this program is a good fit for you.  

"Early Bird" Discount

Save $175

Enroll by Jan 23, 2023 and save $175 off price of enrollment. 

"Early Bird" rate $475 per person 

Buddy Discount

Save $300

Enroll with a friend by Jan 31, 2023, and you BOTH get a $300 discount off price of enrollment;

Buddy Rate is $350 per person 

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