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Truck Vandalism & Theft

Winter Solstice 2020

marked the beginning of Year 4

of my 8 year MiddleWorld Apprenticeship.

To honor the day, I went to a local park

and spent some time in prayer

with my intentions for the new year.

When I returned to my truck in the parking lot,

I discovered the drivers window busted

and my purse and several other items stolen.

I am grateful I had thick gloves on

so I could easily clear out the glass. I am grateful they did not steal the truck

and that I was still able to drive home.

As soon as I got home,

I put a stop on my credit cards

and contacted my insurance company.

I was able to get someone to my house

the following day to replace my window.

I am grateful this repair was able to happen so quickly.

After my first wave

of response to this experience

I noticed a strong charge of energy

coursing through my body.

It was a charge of adrenaline.

A charge of violation.

A charge of knowing I would be without

credit cards, cash or ID for a while.

A charge of frustration

of having to deal with all this.