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Self-Care Prayer

Updated: Feb 21

I’ve been exploring the theme of PRAYER over the past several months…

and what a journey that exploration has taken me on! 

I started with the question: What are my prayers for the Earth? 

Then I moved into: What are my prayers for humanity?  

Then I moved into: What are my prayers for self? 

This blog features an art journaling piece I created as I explore my prayers for self-care, something that seems to require more attention & devotion now in my aging process. 

One of the larger collage images that found its way into this piece is a woman sitting with the Tree of Life. She is blooming prayers into the world as an act of her living. As I created this piece I came to see that by cultivating my vitality, I am tending to the Tree of Life, and offering something of beauty to the world simply through my vital living.

The poem featured on this art journaling page is by Hollie Holden.  

Today I asked my body what she needed,

Which is a big deal

Considering my journey of

Not Really Asking That Much.

I thought she might need more water.

Or protein.

Or greens.

Or yoga.

Or supplements.

Or movement.

But as I stood in the shower

Reflecting on her stretch marks

Her roundness where I would like flatness,

Her softness where I would like firmness,

All those conditioned wishesT

hat form a bundle of


She whispered very gently:

Could you just love me like this?

Here is a link to the creation process of an art journaling page I created around self-care. This was a lovey creation process for me to pray into. May this video inspire you in your self-care & in your creative endeavors of expression as well.

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