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The Autumn of my Life

Updated: Feb 8

The aging process that I've been moving through these past couple years has been challenging for me in many ways. The pandemic intensified & expedited the process as well. As I integrate these past couple years, and vision forward into this now time of my life, I am wanting to better befriend the aging process. It's happening whether I like it or not...and I prefer to be in good standing & relationship with it.

Here’s an art journaling page I recently created to honor my entrance into the autumn of my life. Some of the truths I was able to sink deeper into as I created this page are: 

  • I have less time now then I used to have to live my life.

  • The story of my life is shorter looking forward. 

  • The past vibrancy of my life is getting further away. 

  • The end is getting nearer. 

  • I’m going to continue getting older until I die. End Game. Boom. 

As this piece found its way into creation, I was able to find some nuggets of inspiration. I was able to name & claim that I am not all the way dead yet. I still have some foliage on my Tree of Life. I still have some leaves to sing alive in the world. Everyone gets to be young. Not everyone gets to be old. So how can I laugh & love along the way.

Creating art is powerful & fun way to explore & express various aspects of my inner and outer life. I've been enjoying art journaling these past couple of years & it's exciting to see how this form of creative expression is evolving with me as I age.

Here's a link to a 30 min video highlighting the layers & learnings that showed up throughout the creation of this page. What a journey this was!! May this video share inspire your creation of soul infused art and also support you in your aging process as well.

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