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Kitchen Feng Shui

The kitchen is where you store, prepare, and often times, eat your food. This is the room in your home where you turn the bounty of Mother Nature into nourishing meals for you & your loved ones.

The food we eat, the manner in which we prepare it, and the energy of the space we eat meals in greatly influences our health. Kitchen Feng Shui is about creating a sacred space to interact with food in a fun, healthy & celebratory way.

May this blog inspire you in cultivating magic in your kitchen and enhancing the vibrancy of your interactions with food.

Kitchen Magic

One of the most basic healing efforts you can bring into your kitchen is to keep countertops clean & clutter free. Store everything neatly away in drawers and cabinets, having only appliances you use on a daily basis out in the open. This will allow energy (Chi) to move freely throughout your kitchen space. Consider storing knives out of sight. I used to have my knives on the counter in a wood block. When I put them in a drawer, the impact was immediate & profound. My kitchen felt lighter & more peaceful.

After each meal bring your kitchen to a clean state, so when you enter the kitchen next, you are welcomed into a vibrant environment, ready to create your next meal...rather then being bogged down by the remains of the last meal you still need to clean up after.

Take time to clean out your cupboards & refrigerator on a regular basis. Your pantry & cabinets can easily become overpopulated with plastic containers, broken appliances, chipped dishes, or unneeded staples. Donate, recycle, or discard these items.

Many of us may have more food supplies on hand these days due to the pandemic. Noticing hoarding tendencies if they are present, and explore feelings inside your body as you sit with the concept of food scarcity.

Do a quick meditation before you start to prepare food. Take a deep breath, relax and focus on the task at hand. Thank the universe for providing the great food you are about to cook & serve. Prepare your food consciously. Be present & mindful while peeling, chopping, mixing, and cooking. Your personal energy is absorbed by the meal you are creating, so cook with good intention.

If you have others in the house, cook some meals together. This can be great bonding time. If you have children in the home, this is a great time to teach them how to cook, and how to clean up afterwards.

As your relationship with food expands in more magical ways, so too will your immune system and the level of gratitude you have for the food you are blessed to have access to.

Dining Room Magic

The Dining Room is underused in our society. Our cultural tendency is to eat quickly, while watching TV, or even while driving (all three of which I do). Mindless eating habits keep us disconnected from the intimate act of eating & minimize receiving pleasure from our food. Feng Shui calls for you to make meal time a sacred time of communion. Turn off phones and TV, light candles, play soothing music and dine at a leisurely pace. The more hectic your day, the more important a quiet and reflective dining experience is for your health & well-being. Even if you do not have a dedicated dining room, you can create a place that allows you to slow down so you can connect with your food & loved ones while you eat & nourish your body. Slowing your body down while you eat will enable you to better digest your food, absorb nutrients and enjoy the sustenance you are bringing into your body.

Before you eat, observe a few moments of silence and give thanks for your food.

Thankfulness is a profoundly spiritual act that will significantly change your relationship with food.

Everything you eat is either fuel that sustains and energizes you, or a burden that clogs and drains you. Pay attention to how your body feels in the minutes and hours after you eat.

Are there foods that make you feel tired? Foods that make you feel light?

Listen to your body’s signals. Identify your true feelings of hunger and pay attention to when you reach the point of non-hunger, rather than feeling full

Here's one of my favorite breakfast meals, baked oats with fruit.

Feng Shui Assignment

Get rid of 10 things from your kitchen this week. Old cookbooks, expired foods, dishes you don’t use, etc. You may have so much fun doing this in the kitchen, you may do it in other areas of your home too.

Blessed being to each one of you as you take care of you & your family during these intensely charged times. May you be nurtured in many divine & delicious ways.

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