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Getting Needs Met

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

What Do You Need? What Do You Want?

What is the difference between Need & Want?

From a chakra perspective: Needs are of the Root Chakra. Wants are of the Sacral Chakra. Need & Want are impulses that drive & motivate us

on deep, primal levels and greatly influence the vitality

of our body, mind and spirit.

Abraham Maslow defined a Hierarchy of Human Needs that lists physiological needs

such as food, water, shelter and sleep

as core motivators in life. Once these base needs are met, we are then motivated

and better able to attain higher level needs such as esteem, love & actualization.

Maslow points out we do not advance through these levels in order, one after another. Many of us oscillate back & forth through these layers

throughout the course of our lives, with very few reaching top levels of actualization.

Maslow’s model is similar to the Chakras

in that the stronger your foundation,

the more you are able to rise up into

higher frequencies of consciousness,

expanding into wider levels of liberation & freedom.

Working with the Root Charka,

which governs the manifest, physical realm of being,

calls for you to examine how you get your

base needs met in life.

Getting your needs met in healthy ways

supports more vitality in your life.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

- What are your fundamental needs?

- How are you getting your needs met?

- What needs are not getting met in vital ways in your life?


You may have your base needs met of water, food, shelter and sleep...

however, how healthy are the inputs?

- Yes, you have food, but what quality of food you are eating?

- Yes, you have oxygen, but are you harnessing the full power of your breath?

- Yes, you have shelter but how safe and nourishing is your home?

These are powerful contemplations for working with the Root Chakra

and increasing the vitality of your physical health & well-being.

Personal Share

Throughout the pandemic, I decreased the quality of inputs

into how I got my base needs met.

My depression kept me stagnant in my body and diet,

my breathing became shallow & covered by masks,

and my need for human touch went greatly unmet

as I isolated in solo quarantine.

As a result, I experienced a decline in my overall vitality.

Because my body was not as healthy,

I felt a decline in other areas of my life,

such as esteem, motivation, and feeling like

I had a valuable purpose to offer humanity.

As things start to open up

I am coming back to the fundamentals...

with my diet, daily movement,

and how I get my core needs met.

It's a process and commitment

I need to make over & over again everyday.

As I take baby steps at increasing the quality

of my diet, breathing practice, and physical vitality,

I hope to once again be motived and inspired

to expand & engage other areas of my life,

and engage my soul purpose in more vibrant ways

that better support humanity through these powerful days.

The healthier you are, the more of your magical being

you can offer to world

as a result of your presence in it.

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Randi Lampert
Randi Lampert
Jul 06, 2021

Thanks for giving words to what I've been experiencing. Base needs have certainly not been met in the past year! What's been interesting though is that now I feel like I have a blank slate to work with and to rebuild in a healthier way...from the bottom (core) on up. The baby steps that you outline are spirit-sent. Thank you... 🌻

Raven Shree
Raven Shree
Jul 06, 2021
Replying to

I am so happy to hear this blog inspired you to build a better foundation for getting your needs met. They are fundamental to living a vital life. Sending big blessings your way as you craft healthier inputs into your being and live a healthy you alive in the world ❤️❤️

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