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Bristlecone Ancestry

Here is one of my SoulCollage creations along with the mytho-poem I wrote to express its' voice.

My ancestor tree is bare.

The rugged twisting Bristlecone

of my birthing tree

does not reveal

details of my lineage.

It simply inspires

my living

Into the wild flesh

of Now

Before me; roots in soil.

After me; sand drifting in wind.

Only Now can I embody

the moistness of life;

the muddy aliveness of being.

I carry the egg of life

forward into my living.

From yoke I expand

offering my gelatinous form

as an expression of life

to this sweet and short

embodiment of me.

Ladybugs and butterflies

crawl on my skin,

tickling my senses;

bringing me more fully into wild nature

and this evolving ecosystem of now.

Before me; rugged depths

of roots and beginning.

After me; mountains

of human body sand.

But now...I am alive.

A living moment

on my ancestor tree;

A wild human

getting down and dirty

in this living thing

called Life.

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