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Cultivating Resources

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It’s easy to focus on things we don’t have.

This especially happens for me

when I see social media posts.

I often find myself longing for

aspects of other peoples lives.

And while this type of comparison

helps me see desires I have for my life,

this type of thinking focuses on lack

and brings contraction into the BodyMind.

One of the things I'm focused on more

is Naming & Nurturing what I DO have in my life

…and there is plenty!

This way of thinking is abundant

and offers expansion in the BodyMind.

To start out, I journaled a list of Resources in my life.

It was nice to name all these in one place.

Featured in this blog are my photos

and SoulCollage creations

that represent the amazing resources

I have in my life, along with

my intentions to nurture & grow them.

May this blog inspire you to do the same.

The first things that came to mind

as I defined Resources in my life were:

My Home, and the shelter, space & comfort it provides.

In 2020 I was planning to move

to the east coast, however,

due to the pandemic, this is now on hold.

This decision made me sink deeper into

my current home space and shift things

to better meet my needs

as I spend more time home in quarantine.

This led me to be grateful for resources

available in the city I live in;

Denver, Colorado.

I live close to mountains, rivers and lakes

and have quick & easy access to nature in my daily life.

To nurture this resource,

I am developing my relationship

with places closer to home.

Visiting places often and over time

allows me to know them better & deeper.

In this way of relating,

I learn more about myself,

and become a more integrated member

of the eco-system I live in.

I am so grateful for my Truck & RV.

These traveling homes contribute greatly

to my sense of freedom & adventure.

I want to continue to take advantage of

these resources by heading out into nature more,

and sharing images & soul poetry

from my travels, so you can deepen

your appreciation for this beautiful world too.

I am grateful for the resources of

my education, career & consistent salary.

Having skills to offer and contribute

in exchange for compensation

is a powerful resource that supports me

with not only surviving, but thriving.

I am culitivating these resources

by reading books & watching videos

about communication, teamwork & leadership.

I am implementing new ideas & concepts

into my work teams,

and holding myself accountable

for being a positive influence in the world.

Another resource I continually cultivate

is my spiritual practice.

It has nurtured & inspired me

through many moments & experiences

and helps me find deeper meaning and peace in life.

I am so grateful for the maps of

the Chakras and the Medicine Wheel.

These are core navigation tools in my life,

and they deepen my relationship

with the Elements of Soul.

I am continuing to cultivate these

by engaging in nature ceremonies

and writing about these practices

and sharing them with others.

I will also be offering on-line events

so I can share these tools with others.

I am grateful for my feline family:

Mr. Prana:ChiChi & Pressy-ella’.

They keep me company every day.

The resource I have with close friends,

and the sharing of our lives

we offer one another

is another resource I cultivate through

on-going connection & communication.

Resources within my being

that I'm grateful for are my:

creativity, imagination, humor & joy.

These enable me to see so much

beauty, possibility & magic in the world.

I am deeply grateful for my senses:

the ability to see, smell, taste, feel and hear.

I am grateful for my breath & my ability to move.

I am grateful for the resource

of my intuition and imagination

and the desires & intentions that fuel my living.

Another resource I’m grateful for is Technology.

And while it has its drawbacks,

it allows me to connect with friends,

and share my creativity with others.

I will continue to nurture this resource by

sharing inspirational posts on my facebook page

and writing blogs such as this.

There are so many ways

to shift ones gaze

from lack to abundance.

By naming and cultivating the resources

you have in your life

you are better able to absorb nutrients from them,

which seeds prosperity for growth & expansion.

As life moves through its ups & downs,

may you create a daily practice

to name, honor and cherish

the abundance you DO have in your life.

Contemplations to Explore

  • What resources for health and well-being do you have in your life?

  • How can you cultivate these resources?

  • What abundance is currently in your life?

  • How can you share this abundance with others?

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