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Chakra Spine SoulCollage

When the pandemic started I had to pivot from leading my art workshops in person to giving them on-line. As I reflect on some of my pandemic experiences, so that I can integrate & heal them, I came across this video of me creating a SoulCollage card.

I taught SoulCollage classes for over 15 years. Doing them in person was a wonderful way to dive into soul centric community and create something magical & informative along the way. This video clip is one of the takes that did not make it into my on-line Intro to SoulCollage workshop video. I made that video at the start of the pandemic to help people with processing what was going on within & without as we entered into the pandemic in 2020.

I am sharing this here with you to inspire your art making process & creation magic. May you find ways to engage in soul healing though art and play as we continue to live, love and grow through these days.

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