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The End of Days Times

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

At the beginning of 2021

during the cold dark months of winter,

my thought process around the pandemic

was that it would be a 2-5 year experience.

My thinking was that

we were going to go through

a cultural death lodge,

an experiance for humanity

to go through a time of collapse

so we could rebuild

into something more sustainable.

In my thinking of a 2-5 year timeframe,

my current way of living in isolation

seemed doable. However,

as the year moved on

through spring and summer,

my thinking started to shift.

In one of my conversations with spirit

about this 2-5 year timeline

she chuckled and said:

"You silly girl! When you did your

underworld death lodge process,

it was eight years...

and that was just for one person!

This experience you’re in now

is a cultural death lodge,

and not just one culture

but many cultures and systems

around the globe.

This is a big portal crossing for humanity,

and it is going to be taking place

for the rest of your life!!!"

This message shifted

so many things in my mind.

It made me realize

my ways of surviving

a 2-5 year process

was not going to be sustainable

for me to live the rest of my life,

which might be another 20 years.

It was then I realized I needed to adjust

my thinking and ways of being

to accommodate a larger truth

for my now time and future...

a future that looks very different

then it did a couple years ago.

This is what led me to name

this next phase of my life

as “The End of Days Time”.

The good ol' days are behind me.

The visions I had for my future

and my elder years has changed.

The days of humanity's adolescence

are coming to an end.

We are moving into a time of twilight,

a deepening into the dark,

a shape shifting time

that obscures and mystifies

our way of seeing.

I envision the movie "Mad Max Thunderdome"

and ask myself: How do I want to show

up in this landscape of collapse?

What character do I want to enliven

within me and in the world

during these End of Days Time?

Our systems need to collapse.

Our education, health & medical,

political & government

and food supply chains,

all these systems

need to be broken apart

and rebuilt.

These structures have been operating

from a patho-adolescent center of gravity.

Their out-dated effects are now obvious.

It's time for the collapse of these structures

so a new era can be built,

hopefully one that is more sustainable

and aligned for a healthy ecosystem,

which includes more than just humans.

As these ideas formulated in my mind,

I knew I needed to enact

a Rites of Passage event

to initiate myself

into this new era of being.

And so, I am setting off

on a Wild Soul Wanderings adventure.

On this trip I want to attune myself

to how I can best be of service

to the demise

of outdated structures and ways of being,

both externally and internally.

I also want to remain open

to guidance on what seeds of light

I can plant along the way

to lay a foundation

for the new world era

we will be crafting

over the next several decades.

To support my process of initiation

into "The End of Days Time"

I'll be exploring the following

Archetypal Arch on my

Rites of Passage adventure:

The Tower


Hanged Man



The Star

Each of these archetypal forces

is part of the Hero’s Journey

and are core guides found in Tarot.

Each of these archetypal forces

offers profound wisdom

for these times of collapse

and for our hopes

for a more vital future.

I look forward to exploring these forces

in more detail and sharing more with you

in future blogs

as inspirations & guidance comes through.

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