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The High Priestess

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Below are the 8 archetypes I'm apprenticing to for my Rites of Passage into the “End of Days Times.” These forces befriend me as I deepen my vows & intentions for my MiddleWorld living as we journey through these intense days.

The Hermit / High Priestess

The Tower / Death

Hanged Man / Hierophant

Temperance / The Star

This blog introduces The High Priestess with some of my SoulCollage creations and photography. The High Priestess is a great companion to The Hermit.

May this blog inspire your personal practice & support access to veiled mysteries.

Card Representation

The High Priestess is card 2 in a Tarot deck. She is the Guardian of Cosmic Mystery. She speaks in riddle and prays through ritual & ceremony. The High Priestess is a moon goddess that cultivates intuition & expands physic abilities. Much like The Hermit, she works in solitude as she develops & embodies her spiritual practice, to which she is deeply devoted.

She does not come to you. You must go to her.

Portal Keeper

In traditional Tarot, the High Priestess is seated between two columns; one black, one white. Between the columns is a veil, the portal between worlds. The polarities of these columns represent opposites, such as shadow & light, ease & challenge, creation & destruction, life & death.

The High Priestess sits between these Pillars of Polarity, representing the center point between duality as a passageway through the veil. She is seated, a yin gatekeeper, symbolizing the qualities of stillness & receptivity as tools to access her veiled mysteries.

Pillars of Polarity

The yin state of meditation is a powerful way to cultivate High Priestess guidance. Sitting in stillness & silence for a period of time each day supports the quieting of the mind and the opening of mysteries into unseen realms of being.

I've been integrating the Pillars of Polarity into my meditation practice. Choosing opposites that I am working with, such as fear & expansion, no & yes, shadow & light...and sitting between them. Feeling the dual energies on either side of me and being in the center point between them with my breath. It's powerful. As I focus on the center point between opposites, my meditation is informed & I am able to better access calming peace in the center of duality.


Working with the High Priestess calls for the cultivation of intuition as a primary guidance source for your life journey. Intuition is knowing without the conscious use of reasoning. It reaches conclusion without process. It’s an epiphany. An instant knowing through non-logical means.

I continually strive to hear, listen to and act on my intuition, especially when I’m out in the world Wild Soul Wandering. If my intuition says this is the wrong way turn back, go left or go right, I strive to act on that guidance. Even if it means going against my plan or preference, which can be challenging at times.

When I listen to my intuition, I find that I am divinely guided. When I do not listen to it, I find things become challenging and disjointed. The more I listen to & act on my intuition, the easier it is for me to hear and trust as a true source of guidance.

- How do you attune to your intuition?

- How & when do you act on your intuition?

- What happens when you do not act on your intuition?

Reincarnation of Self

The High Priestess is said to guard the Akashic Records, a dimension of consciousness that holds information of the past, present and future. And while I do not know about reincarnation and past lives, I do know that in this lifetime I’ve had several big leaps of evolution. Each phase and iteration of my life has informed & inspired me in deep ways.

Daily Practice

Much like the moon that waxes & wanes from dark to full and back to dark again, so too is access to wisdom insights from the High Priestess. She does not offer access to her mysteries arbitrarily. You must showcase your worthiness to receive her teachings. This is done through the on-going devotion & commitment to your spiritual practice, whatever that might be.

When I was working with The Hermit, I was informed to use my pandemic solitude to deepen my daily writing practice. The High Priestess supports this vision by cultivating my writing practice as a way to access wisdom teachings from my life experiences.

Moon Cycles

The High Priestess wears a moon crown, which holds & reveals mysteries as it expands & contracts through phases of light & dark. This magical moon cycle is a journey we all travel through as well. We all know dark emptiness, awakening light, and the glow of fullness. We also all know the truth of release, the dimming of light, and the dark slumber in our depths awaiting renewal.

These are aspects of the moon cycle you can bring more alive in your life through this moon cycle prayer process. Note: There are 13 moon cycles in a year, and a moon cycle lasts about 28 days.

Moon Cycle Prayer Process

Here is a lovely way to prayer and celebrate with the moon as it moves through it's 28 day cycle, from a dark moon into fullness, then back down into dark.

New Moon: Potent time to seed the pregnant void with an intention you would like to grow and give life to as the moon grows in light.

Waxing Moon: As the moon increases in light through its cycle, engage in daily acts of service to your intention. Grow & nourish your intention through your living.

Full Moon: When the moon reaches its apex of light it's time to celebrate the fruits of your harvest. Honor how your intention has manifested in your life during your moon cycle prayers.

Waning Moon: As the moon loses it light to move back into its dark phase and return to being a new moon, release attachment to your moon vow. Allow the practice you have engaged with to settle into your life & find integration into the wholeness of your being. This creates an empty space from which to create a new moon intention when the next moon cycle begins.

Repeat this cycle with each moon phase...

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