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Earth Apprenticeship 

Click session links above to access handouts & prep information for each gathering. Links will be activated one week prior to the call so you have ample time to review materials prior to our call. Video recordings of group calls will be posted in session links above within 24-48 hours of the call for you to reference & listen to.   


I look forward to sharing this Earth Apprenticeship journey with you and supporting you with cultivating a richer & more vital foundation in your life. This video gives an overview of the journey ahead & the items you will need in your adventure pack.  

Supplies for the Journey 

Needed Supplies

You'll want a journal & pen for each call. 


I recommend you get a new journal dedicated to this program that you can write, draw, collage and maybe even paint in. 

Link with art journal ideas 

Optional  Supplies


Introduction to SoulCollage


I am so excited about what's to come that I would like to share a BONUS VIDEO with you about SoulCollage. 


SoulCollage is not a requirement for this program, however, aspects of this art form can inspire your art journaling process throughout this 8-week Earth Apprenticeship Program.   

To support your collage creativity, I am providing you a link to my Introduction to SoulCollage video. This one-hour recording highlights the medicine & magic of this therapeutic and expressive art process, and how you can start your own personal deck of cards. I've been using this art form for years! It has deeply supported & inspired me in many ways and I am excited to share SoulCollage with you. 

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