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Buffalo Elder

Collage & Mytho-Poetry Teachings

Buffalo calls me

to stand strong;

endure my mission.

Be present

and live my soul vows,

even when conditions

and environments

are challenging.

Alive Now

with determination

to channel soul expression,

through enduring commitment

and steadfast presence.

A lone creature

on the road of life;

fleshed out in the fullness

of my solitude.

A barrier of protection

covers me;

a tool that helps bare

the burden

of this hardship

of living.

Looking in the rearview

I see how the path

has led me to here.

Past & Future

reside in this moment,

forever spinning

through Infinity.

Solid and steady

I stand

in the stillness


I know this moment

is leading me forward

to some destination beyond,

however, my heavy hooves

can only touch

this ground


A queen sleeps

a deep slumber

under the earth

of my flesh.

Dreaming a living model forward

through this season

of my becoming

into my next version

of best.

I stand the ground

that protects her;

she percolates seeds

of kindness and service,

that sprout up

into this world

through my being.

Buffalo Elder

guards strong

and fierce,

the Queen essence

of my being.

Collage inspired by the direction of North on the Medicine Wheel

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