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Here is one of my SoulCollage creations along with the mytho-poem I wrote to express its' voice.

There are many crossroads in life

a decision point,

that happens over and over again.

In my life I have been standing

at this fork in the road for years,

staring at the possibilities and truths

and doing nothing.

One direction is known;

flat and dripping with sadness.

There is no concept of time

because there is no movement;

stillness melts possibility

and is filled with darkness.

The other direction

is filled with possibility

and the unknown.

Time ticks, for each moment is new.

Movement is required

to walk this path of soul.

Which way do I go?

It may appear obvious

however fear keeps me

stuck in the known

a lack of courage & confidence

has me questioning

how well I can dance

and survive in the unknown?

I envy those that take the path of soul

without question, without hesitation.

They serve as heroes in my heart

and beacons of what is possible.

Standing at the crossroads

where time stands still

and ticks away towards my death

and possibly towards my life.

I ponder, contemplate,

and most importantly

start to dream

about what it would be like

to walk the path of mystery

and just go for it!

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