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Located in the forehead. Light expands imagination, intuition & how you see the world. This chakra cultivates wisdom & engages extra-sensory perception.


When light passes through a prism it refracts the colors of the rainbow. Seeing with you inner light expands your perceptions of shapes, forms, patterns and colors, both within your internal and external world.

Light expands the Brow Chakra, the illuminated frequency of imagination, intuition and expanded possibilities. It is here where you are able to see patterns, metaphor and imagery that develops and engages wisdom for your archetypal life journey.


EcoSoul Experiences for the Brow Chakra
  • Dream - Imagine

  • See. Observe - Witness

  • Expand Perspectives of Beauty

  • See Archetypal Patterns of Life

  • Engage Intuition

  • Play with Imagination

  • Create SoulCollage Cards


themed photos & art creations to inspire you. 

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