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Located at crown of head. Thought is about expanding belief systems, releasing limiting beliefs, and witnessing consciousness> This chakra cultivates transcendence into oneness with Source.


Thought is the element that defines your reality. It is one of the most powerful elements to work with. It is a product of mind, and it engages consciousness.

Thought is the element that stimulates the Crown Chakra, where you bring awareness to the forces that influence your thinking and define the constructs of your beliefs. A vital Crown Chakra engages witness consciousness as a tool to release attachment to limiting beliefs, and continually opens to more expansive thinking about potentialities present in the Now.


EcoSoul Experiences for the Crown Chakra
  • Observe Forces that Influence your Thinking

  • Release Attachments & Limiting Belief Systems

  • Study - Expand Your Thinking

  • Witness Consciousness

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Practice Transcendental Oneness

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