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Located in pelvis. Water energy moves you through the ebb & flow of feeling and emotional being. This chakra engages sensual interaction with the world and influences movement & flow.


Water is a powerful Shapeshifter. It can be solid as ice, flow like a river, and evaporate into air. Your body is at least 70% water, therefore, the characteristics of water are inherent traits of your physical being as well.

Water is the element that churns the Sacral Chakra, the energy center that engages the sensory experiences of your inner & outer worlds. The Sacral Chakra governs themes of movement, and influences how you expand & contract, towards and away from, pleasure and pain.

A vital Sacral Chakra moves feeling and emotion through your being in a way that supports you feeling them, while also allowing them to move through without stagnation.


EcoSoul Experiences for the Sacral Chakra
  • Engage with the Sensate Realm of Being

  • Move Emotions

  • Physical Intimacy with Other

  • Sacred Bathing & Baptism Rituals

  • Bless your Water Before Drinking

  • Movement (Dance, Walking, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc..)


themed photos & art creations to inspire you. 

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