Located at base of spine. Earth energy grounds you into form and into the physical Now. This chakra influences health & vitality, and your ability to survive & thrive in the physical realm.

Earth is the element that grounds consciousness into the wild animal experience of being human. Earth is the foundation upon which you stand. It gives shape and structure to consciousness. Earth provides you what you need to survive in physical form, and it’s the matrix to which your body will return when it dies.

Earth grounds the Root Chakra, the energy center in your being that governs physical form, of both your physical body and the body of the Earth we all live on and with. Earth is our individual and collective Home.

The vitality of your Root Chakra influences how you get your needs met, how you engage healthy boundaries, and the overall sense of health & vitality you experience in the physical world.

EcoSoul Experiences

  • Grounded Embodiment

  • Getting Needs Met in Vital Ways

  • Engaging Healthy Boundaries

  • Nurturing Self & Others

  • Living in harmony with the Seasons

  • Immersion in the EcoSystem of the Moment

  • Time in Wild Nature

  • Stillness